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Mayan Wedding Puerto Morelos

celebrations in Puerto morelos
Rehearsal Celebration in Puerto Morelos
Types of Marriages - Ceremonies

Civil Marriage: A civil marriage is one where the marriage ceremony has a government or civil official perform the ceremony.
A civil marriage is a wedding that takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the locale

Religious / Spiritual Marriage Ceremony

Spiritual Ceremonies and Rituals play a central role in all traditions and cultures. The very act of expression of Dancing, music, drumming, chanting, singing and other ceremonial expressions bounds a communinity and also serves the purpose of connecting to the higher spiritual forces
Civil Marriage: Mexican National with Person of Different Nationality

The Legalities of Marrying in Mexico:Mexico offers a choice of a civil marriageor areligious / spiritual marriage ceremony. The difference between the two is important: the civil is legally-binding and the religious / spiritual is not. We handle both for non-Mexicans (tourists) and we handle both for Mexican nationals wishing to marry persons of a different nationality.

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